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BY Technical Steering Group, 21 JUL 2013

We are pleased to announce that Tizen platform 2.2 source code and SDK are now available at https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/sdk.

Tizen 2.2 contains several changes in UI and UX. Highlights of this release include:

  • H/W back key and menu key replacing S/W keys
  • Fine-grained Access Control for API privileges powered by Smack
  • IDE and tools, including secure profile UX, UI customizer and live editing/preview for CSS/HTML5 files

For more information, please refer to the release notes and the API change notes.


Tizen App Challenge is a great opportunity to get into the Tizen ecosystem early and win some spectacular prizes.We strongly encourage developers to visit the Tizen app challenge site and sign up now.


Tizen Technical Steering Group


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The Wrong Way (and One Right Way) to Upgrade Your Phone at Your Own Pace


My head hurts. I’ve been reading up on AT&T Next, T-Mobile Jump and Verizon Edge, the three new wireless-carrier options which allow consumers to upgrade their phones more frequently than the standard two-year time frame. The details of the three offerings vary, but all involve divvying up the cost of a new phone into monthly payments of one sort or another — on top of whatever else you’re paying for service — and turning in your old handset to get the new one.

Man, are these deals confusing. And even though the monthly charges aren’t ginormous, they add up into deals that don’t sound so much like deals. My colleague Jared Newman was skeptical about T-Mobile and AT&T’s plans last week, and there’s no reason to classify Verizon’s offering as anything other than more of the same.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel rips into the whole concept:


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6 talks to watch this Moon Day

6 talks to watch this Moon Day

TED Blog

thinkstock_71569959On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. Moon Day is held every July 20 to commemorate this momentous feat. 43 years later, humanity is still looking to the sky, mesmerized by lunar bodies. However, it is not just Earth’s moon we’re studying anymore. With better satellites and spacecrafts we know more about the moons of distant planets than ever before.

To celebrate Moon Day, catch up on the latest in lunar exploration and space travel. The ideas worth sharing here are the first steps in the next giant leap for mankind.

[ted_talkteaser id=141]
Bill Stone: The caves and the moon
In his TED2007 talk, Bill Stone discusses his efforts to study Jupiter’s moon Europa, with technology inspired by his experience exploring Earth’s deepest caverns.
[ted_talkteaser id=551]
Carolyn Porco: Could a Saturn moon harbor life?
Life on a moon? As Carolyn Porco reveals…

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Apple’s Developer Site Was Hacked

Last Thursday, the company took its site for software creators offline; now it’s explaining why.Apple message


But now Apple has finally offered a (brief) explanation of what’s up. (See message above.) The company says that an intrudertried to break into the site. It’s not sure whether the person in question got at any names, e-mail address or mailing addresses, but it says that unspecified “sensitive personal information” was encrypted. Here’s a little more detail from The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, including the point that the information of normal, non-developer customers — that is, all of us with iTunes accounts — wasn’t at risk.

Apple also reports that it’s working around the clock to secure the site and the information it contains and hopes to be up and running “soon.” And it apologizes for the inconvenience.

Some people are already grumbling on Twitter about the time it took for Apple to disclose the breach; others are defending the delay. But it’s hard to come to any conclusions about how swiftly the company moved as long as we don’t know just when it figured out what had happened. Even though it’s the world’s most famously closed-mouthed tech company, I hope it releases more facts about the break-in once it’s bolstered its defenses.

[UPDATE: Via Marco Arment, a comment on a TechCrunch story from someone who claims to have found a bug which allowed him to access information on Apple developers. He says he notified Apple of his discovery shortly before the company shut down the developer site — and he includes a video, with jazzy music, showing off what he found.

The person in question says he’s a security researcher rather than a hacker, but he also seems to say he broke into Apple’s system. If you, like me, don’t consider “hacker” to be an inherently negative job description, he sure sounds like a hacker to me, assuming his claims are true.]

By  @harrymccrackenJuly 21, 2013

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2013/07/21/apple-developer-site-hacked/#ixzz2ZlHGwi6G


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