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POLARIS® App Generator


Easy Way to port Android to Tizen !

PAG(Polaris App Generator) is the Solution which make Android Application possible to operate on Tizen OS environment without additional developing efforts or customizing Android Application by considering Tizen environment. PAG would be bringing great benefits to Either create Tizen Applications by using legacy applications based on Android in a short period Or save developing time and costs in order to support newly emerging Tizen Market from Smart Phone field. PAG would be the best solution to meet Tizen Apps demands & requirements just in time from the market by creating Tizen Application in a short period & time.

A Simple and Easy way to port Android App to Tizen App

PAG(Polaris App. Generator.) is a powerful tool which allows you to port Android app to Tizen app in very short time with low cost.It saves your time as you will not need to develop a Tizen app separately.
Our Capacities & Your Benefits
Our company, not only provides PAG tool, we can also take care of publishing in Tizen Store. We will also ensure to offer the most useful products and more benefits.
PAG can port 80~90% of Android app to Tizen app without re-compiling. It has successfully ported many games such as Angrybird series, Counter Terrorist, Treasure Detective, Fruit Slice, Drag Racing, Shut Bubble Deluxe, Cut the Rope Free, Air Hockey, 1 to 50 and so on.

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